Episode 9: Life vs. Lifestyle
Join me in a conversation with my friend and fellow podcaster, Donald Williams Jr., in which we talk about keeping a balance between life, lifestyle, work, challenges and relationships.

Donald Williams Jr. is a bright human being with a lot of knowledge in Economics and International Affairs. He also is a host of his own podcast called, "The Life V Lifestyle Podcast", where he discusses important topics about transitioning into adulthood and staying sane.

In this episode my friend Donald and I dive into deep conversation discussing his challenges and struggles he's faced in life and how he had to overcome them. We discuss about his journey into adulthood and what he has learned so far from his experiences. And we go over some tips on keeping a balance between different aspects of life.

We hope you enjoy!

With Much Love, 
Alberto Castillo

To listen to Donald's podcast click / copy the link below or search up on your favorite Podcast provider "The Life v Lifestyle Podcast"