Episode 7: Self Care
Life sometimes gets messy and we forget to take care of ourselves. Sometimes we don't even know the damage we're doing to our spirit by not acknowledging our needs. Dive in with my friend Jason Woltz and I as we tackle the topic of self care and its importance.

In this episode, my very good friend Jason Woltz and I discuss the topic self care .

Jason Woltz is an upcoming musician currently in Florida. (ig: @j_woltz)

 I met Jason on my journey here in China last year and we immediately clicked on our friendship. Throughout our adventures we ended up talking about life, philosophy, science, leadership, psychology and many other topics. Jason has been a big influence in my journey as he also strives to be a good human being. We both continue to challenge and question our actions and realize how much we have of an influence  on people and not to take it for granted. It is with great honor to have him as my first guest on my show, as he knows how important the message I'm spreading is to me.  In this episode we dive into deep thought and ask ourselves questions on why people forget to take care of themselves, and how mind, body and spirit coincide in the journey of self improvement. We also go over different tips in the hope it helps you guys overcome some struggles and show you how to love yourself. 

With Much Love, 
Alberto Castillo